Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Inferiority Complex, yes mine...really!

Evening All,

This week I am catering for a gig on the UCD Campus. I went to college there quite a few years ago & recently decided on the back of my Mr Big deal, that the best way forward for The Delicious Food Co,
is to find a few more Mr Big's.

Students, now.... they're a hungry lot & I think my brand is perfect for them.

So I parked the van & tottered into the Newman building in search of my first sale.What a treat lay before my eyes.The Newman building was simply " the arts block" when I was there, it housed lecture theatres L,M, N,O & P. These were the lecture theatres where I revelled in the wonder of the Irish language, it's history, it's poetry, & was dismayed at how difficult & boring I found French.

What I remember most about UCD was a awful shyness or lack of confidence that overshadowed everything I did....or didn't do, to be more precise...
I so wanted to try debating with The L&H, I wanted to run for election for the student union, I wanted to chat up the guys I fancied, or at least say hi without turning crimson red.Today as I stood in those hallowed halls, I wished above all else that I had the confidence then that I have now, I could have been invincible.

I don't know when I stopped caring what people thought of me, when the belief in myself kicked in, but it's there. I hope my brand The Delicious Food Co, is a good representation of me; it's core values are, its wholesomeness, its honesty, its sense of fun, not taking itself too seriously...if it were a celebrity it would be Kylie Minogue......it's a good egg

You can't be in business & hold that fear...you need to believe in your business & yourself.

So if you ever see me, rolling up in my little van, delivering my box of beautifully prepared & packaged produce, wearing a pair of gold lame hot pants.... don't laugh, just celebrate how far this shy 18 year old me has come, since then...
"Step back in time"...

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