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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Clients ...who needs them...Moi !

Evening all,

Clients are the life blood of all businesses. No business. You can have the best idea/product or service in the world but without clients to buy it have nothing.

Clients are a real mixed bag of all life.They come in all shapes & sizes and I don't just mean physically.... There are serious clients, strict clients, fun clients....there are clients who can spot if a salad is an olive short without opening the packaging... and there are clients who don't care how many olives there are as long as the product is selling. Some clients love to stop & chat ....some look in horror as I approach to have my delivery book case I want to chat.

There are clients who, when their number appears on my mobile...a cold shiver goes down my spine...(what's gone wrong....) & there's the clients whose numbers always make me smile....

There are clients you can call when cash flow is tight & the money will be in my account in an hour...then there are clients who will hold back payment because they are missing a docket from 4 months ago that has never previously queried.

There are clients who I will always be grateful to for their help & encouragement in the last year  and no matter how far I go will always feature in The Delicious Food Co story.

To all my clients.. .without whom there would be no van, no salad pots, no gorgeous sandwiches, no sleepless nights, no The Delicious Food Co....I salute you

Cheers !