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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Them's the breaks....Part 1

Hello again,

If you read my last blog "A pub, A Thesaraus etc..." apologies, that was a draft that I posted, so I hadn't really lost my marbles with a rambling blog about me , President Obama & my beloved dad..I was just trying out some ideas never meant for public view...

A valuable lesson in blogging learnt.

Anyway back to the breaks ...which can turn a business round.

Every business needs a lucky break, a phone call, a chance meaning, being in the right place at the right time. Lucky breaks tend to come from your own hard work.... following a lead that another person might have ignored....That "we make our own luck" is probably a truism in's just that sometimes it seems that no matter how many doors we knock on that lucky break seems very elusive.

I've had a lot of lucky breaks at The Delicious Food Co, but in fairness the genesis of the lucky break came from ourselves. On Friday, I had a meeting with a potential client that might well be a lucky break of epic porprtions. The client wants to upgrade their whole food offering and sees my love & passion for food as a way to do that.They have worked with me before, they like my style & my vision and are willing to invest to get it right. It's a huge challenge, we are going to work as partners, develop things slowly.... the client speaks my language... albeit with a very different accent.

He has been very clear...we will work together, but I will have to deliver in terms of sales at his end. He will give me a much help as I need, but I am the expert and the expectation will be high...
he says if it doesn't work out like any relationship, I'll find, my phone stops ringing, texts will go unanswered & I will gradually realise I am being dumped

This could be the challenge of my career and I am so ready for it..

Wish me luck....

Shirley x