Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Bridal Suite without Mr Delicious

Hello again,

Oh.. it's been busy few days..I spent Monday & Tuesday @ Going for Growth National beautiful Barbertown Castle, where us girls gathered en masse to network & learn more about being's a great mentoring system whereby successful female entrepreneurs mentor a group for 6 months. Now, I'm not a "let's burn our bras" kinda girl, but this is great. Our mentor, the wonderful Miriam Byrne from City Analysts, told us to leave our life outside business at the door & engage as a business people for the 6 months duration of the process.

Miriam is my kind of "sistas doing for themselves" kind of bull.

If you've been following my will have a sense of the drama of my food producer life....the highs & lows...the agony & the ecstasy , the sleepless nights of worry, so it's with great joy that I can tell you that in the surround of so much positive energy & talent & the comfort of my four poster bed I had my best nights sleep in months, alone.

Bon soir

Shirley x

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