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Monday, October 5, 2015

Contender Are You Ready.....

Evening All,

I want to be taken seriously, to  be a contender for 2016 IMAGE female entrepreneur  of the year. I want "The Delicious Food Co" to be in everybody's mouth...on everybody's lips, literally. I want to be the one offering advice on radio & in the press to start ups, on how to keep going when the going gets tough, how to raise finance, the pitfalls to avoid....

 I want to really feel the success I've achieved this far. Ten years in business, a doubling in sales since the beginning of the year...I want it because I've earned it, and more importantly because
The Delicious Food Co has earned it.

I've earned it  through sheer hard graft, a ten year commitment
to producing wonderful healthy preservative free  salads & sandwiches, solidly working away building relationships with clients and customers 

No more sitting quietly hoping that somebody picks up on our story..., I should know by now, that ain't going to happen., I am going to have to go out & grab that spotlight & shine it on our kitchen in Smithfield, on our team & on our products. 

Things are already afoot. 
There is a new packaging design on it's way; we finally got round to entering into Blas na hEireann where we were finalists in the Hummus category; I have bought myself a great working wardrobe for meeting & pitches...and as for my day dream believer who sees a big future by merging his knowledge & skillset with ours at The Delicious Food Co, let's just say he wants to talk margins & in his language that means we could be getting serious.

Watch this space !