Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's a new dawn... It's a new day... It's a new life for me..... And I'm feeling good

Evening All,

It's taken a while for me to register that I am no longer a blogger.

I am somebody who used to write a decent humorous blog about my life as a producer in the food industry.Over the past two years I wrote about all sorts, my brand, my van , Mr Delicious, cash flow issues & sleepless nights, my kids & the dog. I told you  endless stories about things I was going to change (but didn't). To my own embarrassment I still don't have a website & I am still driving the van.There was a blog about setting up my office at home, becoming the type of business woman I read about in business supplements....I was to start jogging down the canal & to take up yoga in between closing deals & munching raw carrots.

Instead I've gained a stone & my cheekbones have all but disappeared.

Maybe I just got a bit fed up of that persona I portrayed, maybe I lost a bit of confidence, maybe somebody came along & burst my bubble.

But now things have changed, subtlety, quietly but very significantly. In my own way I am growing into the business person I've wanted to be in earlier blogs. Our business The Delicious Food Co has  almost doubled in size since the start of this year. Instead of  rationalising these sales in terms of ten years of lucky breaks, I know without a shadow of a doubt that we are celebrating our tenth year in business with such phenomenal growth, not just because we are good, but because we are great at what we do.

I am leading a team who are fully committed to myself & Mr Delicious and our growth phase. We have taken on some new blue chip clients , we have a potential investor who has a vision for a a chain of  Delicious Food Co proper healthy food outlets & we are finalists in Blas na hEireann food awards for our amazing Hummus.

So here we are; you & me (again)
 I'm  ready to share the next leg of this food producers adventure as it unfolds
check in every now & then see how I'm getting on

......next time you see me the cheekbones will be back.....

I promise !


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