Thursday, January 29, 2015

50 Shades of Delicious (Part 2)

Evening All,

Wow what a January it's been !!

At the end of last year I flicked thru' all  my blogs & thought to myself  "you're like a bleedin' stuck record... "...ground hog day and all that... Recording one's life for all to read is fine...but seeing the lack of progress for myself was unsettling.

But of course that is partly because I am my own harshest critic.We achieved great things last year, but enough just never seems to be enough. The absence of any public profile for The Delicious Food Co makes me feel like I've personally failed it, as newbie, after newbie pop up in every magazine supplement, glowing reviews of products & owners...beaming at the camera with a plate of product accompanied with the  story of their rags to foodie richness journey.

I don't think I've ever told you that a big love of mine is theatre,  productions  in small venues. I have seen the most wonderful plays in tiny venues, plays that are so good their power  will never leave me, "Lippy""I heart Alice heart I" "Care""Out of Wedlock","The Author" "Creepy Jimmy" "The Oh Fuck Moment" "Smile of your Face" the list goes on; small productions in small venues, gone before they get the recognition they deserve.Maybe I love them because they are like me; no big promo budget, no clever PR machine,just great story tellers making magic theatre quietly yet so deserving of bigger audiences & wider public acclaim.

it was with great delight that last week I accepted a challenge from the doyenne of Irish theatre The Abbey Theatre to run a pop up shop Delicious Food Company shop at the theatre for delegates at a two day  Theatre of War Symposium.There I rediscovered my inner  Delicious Food Company's greatness.The feedback I got about our food was superlative,

 one positive comment after another...

So with this renewed confidence, my head is in just the right place to make this The Delicious Food Co's tenth year in business, the overnight success it has always meant to be. To create that public profile our food deserves, for us to be beaming at you from the Sunday Times, our Orzo & Roasted Carrot salad in hand. In the week that 50 Shades of Grey hits the big screen
Forget Christian Grey & Anna Steele
for this is me & Mr Delicious time.

Shirley x

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