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Sunday, January 4, 2015

What's another year !

Evening All,

Tomorrow Monday the 5th of January is the date a lot of us return to work for the first time since before Christmas & I have to say the break has been just lovely.Skipping the rhythm of normal life, sleeping late, catching up with family & friends for mid afternoon drinks in town, going to parties 
( dressed in my first ever on line purchase...a  little sequin number I ordered pre Xmas from ASOS, that has already paid for itself in admiring glances & feel good vibes....)

Generally the New Year comes with new resolutions, but to be honest, I'm not one for new resolutions.I've broken enough of them in my time to know that my energy is better directed elsewhere. Like everyone else I know what I need to change & what I need to do & it's all in there in my head ready for action. Maybe those thoughts are resolutions in themselves.

However today I have  done something a little differently. For  first the first time in years I have bought a proper work diary, where I can write up my "to do"lists day by day, write in my orders, my appointments, my quotes. One big solid book of empty white pages waiting to be filled with how my work life will unfold in the next 12 months. Just looking at it this evening on the coffee table excites me, the possibilities that await it's blank pages, the successes, the drama. I cannot wait to start filling it...seeing how the story unfolds

This year we celebrate our 10th year of The Delicious Food Co. Ten years since we first rented a commercial kitchen in Smithfield with just one client & started a whole new adventure in the food business. Now ain't that something to celebrate.

To each & everyone of you I wish you a very happy, successful & healthy new year.

It's 2015 bring it on !

Shirley x