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Monday, January 12, 2015

Bless Me Father.. I continue to sin...(I'm still a social media cripple) Part 2

Evening All,

More  than a year after writing one of my fav blogs on being a social media cripple...of swearing that all was about to change...that I would get my website up & running...that my twitter feed would become more foodie, my Facebook page the go to place for witty commentary on life, catering, recipes, advice & random stuff I pick up along the way ..I am still that same social media cripple. I have even come to consider it as some kind of website phobia ...a fear of something that has no basis in   logic.

I did try in Jan 2014 and top of the brief was...PLEASE MAKE ME DO IT...I paid more upfront than was required & off we went. I disappeared for a bit, but I went back, made myself sit with the designer, signed off on the template & begged him to keep on my case until it was finished. He clearly didn't get the message/was too busy with other clients/ life or maybe he just didn't like me...

not a whisper did I hear from him, again...

I have now met the man to get this over the Australian called Brad who lives down under and has steadfastly made it his mission to  get my website up & running. Brad thinks nothing of calling me ten times per day...and has done for almost two months now, I cannot escape him and now I'm hooked. Brad with his endless patience & infinite politeness
has made me confront my fear.

I swear that when you next hear from me I will be sporting my latest fashion accessory...

the link to my new website 

Hail Brad !



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