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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Dancing in the Rain !

Evening Everybody,

Well now..wasn't that some week ! 

Glorious sunshine deliciously piercing our mood making our skin  tingle with a positive virus:  shaking the negativity of endless rain &  years of gloom. Dublin city was alive with sunshine & culture:Tall ships in the Liffey; acre after acre of gardens & food galore in Bloom ,a  music festival in  majestic Kilmainham, thronged by teens immune to the beauty of their surrounding, but mesmerized by the brilliance of Groove Armada in the Dublin night.

 We are alive, we are back and we have survived the forty days of rain, inflicted by our septic banks...&  by god  didn't we  all  we earn that sunshine.

Last week we reached our Linked Finance target ten days ahead of schedule and for that myself & Mr Delicious want to thank everybody at Linked Finance especially Conor Mc Aleese and every single person who backed us. We thank you, not just for the commitment to us but those of you  who subscribe to the ethos of principled people to people crowd funding.

We attended our first big trade show last week at the invitation of BWG, it was exciting & daunting  in equal measures...."I have three shops in Tralee you'd be perfect for us"..what's the margin,/central billing/national distribution/ sale or return...".it's all still in my head, in a nutri bullet, waiting me to push the "blend" button,  as I wonder how to process the enormous potential and ponder if this is the direction I want to go in.

The retail premises I told you about fell through, yet immediately a much brighter prospect appeared,  is that Karma, or me just being sunshine drunk, well I'll know tomorrow & I will keep you posted.

Last but not least is the news that our first fully branded fridge is now open for business in Spar Dame St, where you will find a full range of our delicious products In a world where healthy eating has become a religion, it's high priests/rock Gods suggesting their way of  goji berries & porridge is the only key to a happy  life , our message is simple;
keep food simple, avoid processed prepared meals, make a dining table from anything, a door, a plank of wood...treasure it, share your simple food with family & friends.
beacuse around that table however coarse it may, that's where memories are made.

And most important next time it rains  get out & dance in it !

Shirley x

Much as myself & Mr Delicious would like you to think this is a picture of us...only in our dreams ...