Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Something old, somethng new, something borrowed. ( Part 2)

Evening all,

On Sunday I wrote about our adventures in the scary world that is crowd funding, an adventure we are currently embarking on with Linked Finance. Crowd funding for your business is a very personal thing. For most of us who own a small business, they can be  as much part of us as our family, it's fair to say that they often get more attention than our children as we negotiate the highs & lows of the associated relationship, suppliers, staff, cash flow.

Consider you have a troublesome child,  no matter how hard he/she pushes you, taunts you, causes you sleepless nights you will love that child regardless. You will make endless sacrifices for it, you will protect it no matter what, you will be loyal and unforgiving for criticisms you feel are unjust.
And just when you think you can take no more, they will smile at you or hug you, give you something back, that justifies the love, makes everything worthwhile.

Small businesses are just like that, so undeniably personal & connected, we feel their pain as much as  if they are a living part of us. That's why crowd funding ain't easy. On Sunday I compared it to going on Tinder, putting yourself out there, seeing who is attracted enough to make a move.

Yesterday morning we were funded to the tune of 20%, but by yesterday evening we had hit an astonishing 75%....that's a lot of affection coming  in  the direction of my troublesome child and I am proud as punch that so many can see the potential of this, my unorthodox fifth child.

Tonight we are 84% funded, just 16% more to go, So a massive thank you to all of you who believe in my child as much as I do and have lent to us and for those of you sitting on the fence 


Shirley x

 For Mr Delicious, I never been on Tinder (I swear !)
For my four amazing children, 
you have never been troublesome and thank you for sharing me with the fifth child !

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