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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Yours, Eternally Optimistic...

Evening all,

Sorry I  skipped town for a was kinda nice

 Life had been  so busy I sorta crashed. & opted out. As those of us who are self employed will know "crashing & opting out" consists of keeping going, same old same's an in joke in the world of self employment that only those with the luxury of a PAYE job, have the luxury of having a nervous breakdown.

 Many years ago, stressed to the hilt, I went to buy catering buckets for salads in an outlet in Finglas, tears rolled involuntarily down my face as I conducted business. "500  x 5 litre buckets please, do you have orange lids, how much is that including vat" " that's great thank you". "here the cheque" " yes please put them in the back of the van"...not a single sole asking if I was okay....I take it I wasn't the first basket case to arrive in the depths of the recession in such a state.

Last months crash came when my daydreambeliever stopped believing albeit momentarily. There was a misunderstanding that I hadn't been aware had occurred. We met up had a long chat which  revealed more about each other  than any amount of legal documents could reveal...I'm glad it happened & I think we are now back on track.

To have somebody invest in your business is about so much more than money (at least it is to me), it's about the relationship that you have with the investor, how you get on, do you share the same vision, can you work together, it's about compromise.

When I was first approached about this possible co (ad) daydreambeliever, (emphatic that this was an initial chat),  concluded whatever happens, if we do try something & make a killing, great...and if it doesn't work unison we said
 "we won't fall out"

I remain eternally optimistic !

Shirley x