Monday, July 6, 2015

Young Blood , Old Turk....Foodie Prophet

Hi Evening All,

I know, I know, I know....

A few months ago I promised to get back to writing a weekly blog about life in the food lane. I'm sorry to have let you down, but I have an excuse, honestly I do. I finished my last post wedding blog, telling you that it was mouth to mouth resuscitation I needed to get my body breathing again. I was so, so tired at the end of May and that aching tiredness stayed with me all through June.

As I crawled shattered out of bed each morning, my main goal was to make it through the day to crawl back under that duvet as early as possible and try to recharge my fading batteries.
The tiredness was exacerbated by the sheer volume of work we got through at
The Delicious Food Co.

It was by all accounts an exceptional month  as shop after shop sold out of our wonderful salads & sandwiches, new clients came on board and the excitement in the kitchen grew. We have a superb team in the kitchen, and each day as I would arrive in guiltily  with yet another order, increasing the burgeoning work load...Mr Delicious would groan but our young & exciting team would simply smile & rejoice for our good fortune.

"Another 500 salad pots for client X"..No problem !, "400 Hummus Pots"..Hooray!, "Two new sandwich accounts to be delivered before 8am"....Yippee !, "48 kilos of mixed bespoke salads"..Fab! and joyfully they would send me off again like a foodie prophet to gather more orders and bring them back to the kitchen to be fulfilled.

Last week I gave a lift to one of the team and  worried to him about the work load on everybody, especially Mr Delicious.With youth on his side he confided in me ..."don't worry Shirley..I have explained to the guys, that  Mr Delicious  is  an old man, whilst we are young , we can do the work, we are happy to work, you  just bring in the orders and we will make it happen.

So to honour the lads and their relentless energy & positivity, I  feel my old energy slowly & ryhtmically trickling back through  my veins, I am back on track....hungry for business, sniffing out leads at every office building I pass.

So if you crave great food in your office or local out 'cos I am coming to get ya!

Shirley x

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