Monday, April 13, 2015

Me, Bord Bia & The (Dublin Food) Chain Gang

Evening All,

By now if you've been paying attention you will know that I'm a bit of a procrastinator...

Benjamin Franklins'  quote

"why put off  until tomorrow when it can be done today"
has been amended in my head replacing "today" with "tomorrow", 

 Leaving things to the last minute, pulling things out of the bag,  well,  that's something at which I excel  I always know I'm onto something I really want to do when I start early, plan in advance & hit that deadline fifteen minutes before it expires.

So, when I got an email from Dublin Food Chain announcing a trip to London with a group other Foodies & Bord Bia to suss out food trends over there I was on to it like a bat out of hell. I emailed by return with a very definite "expression of interest" and despite the trip being over subscribed three fold , as one of the early birds I secured a much coveted place on board.

Dublin Food Chain was started a few years ago by  James Burke a man with a wealth of experience in the food business with a vision & passion to put something concrete together that would bring small food businesses together to share ideas, to mentor & to inform each other.The work that James, Bord Bia & LEO  are doing to support small food businesses is phenomenal.

However despite all the help that is out there I find it difficult to take the time to reach out & explore the many options for help that are available. Self employment can be a lonely place which is why I was so excited about this trip, not only would I have a chance to see first hand what the trends in the ready to go market are in London, get ideas for packaging etc, but I would get a chance to meet my fellow foodie colleagues.

The trip was last Friday and it was a triumph,It was organised with the skill of a military operation. Starting in Kings Cross we visited food business after food business, taking pictures, absorbing the trends, connecting with each other. We walked miles in the sunshine, exchanged tips & stories of the  worries & successes of our businesses, we swapped business cards,  made & received suggestions that might be useful to each other.

At the end of the day, tired, excited & inspired I realised that the most important thing that I took from the day was that in the food business in Dublin, with such a wonderful supportive community nobody need ever feel alone.

Bless you all.


(Owner of The Delicious Food Co)

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