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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Oh ..The Irony of Life !.

Evening All,

Today was a lovely day.

Today my eldest daughter turned 18. It seems like only yesterday that I was rolling (on my fat pregnant belly) down a steep sand dune from my friends Crona's summer house in Wexford to the beach, trying to induce a labour which was already 13 days overdue.

When I presented the next morning in Holles St. they suggested I stay & asked if I had brought an overnight bag with me. No, I hadn't, in fact I hadn't even packed one.I remember Mr Delicious double parking on South King St. whilst I nipped into Dunnes Stores to pick up a nightie, baby gros etc.

There is an element of that me that hasn't changed since that day.
I'm still a "seat of her pants" kind of entrepreneur. Despite the highs & lows of our business life, the absence of cash at key moments, things always seem to work out. So today  I had the amazing good fortune, to be able to take my daughter (window) shopping in Tiffany in Brown Thomas
As we purveyed the beautiful jewellery, the impeccable John, suggested a glass of champers for both of us to celebrate her 18th.

So, it was with much joy & amusement & irony that this hippie foodie,whilst wearing her own
treasured tiny Tiffany lock & key, celebrated her daughters first (legal) drink with a glass of champagne in Tiffany @ Brown Thomas, whilst purchasing a beautiful simple Tiffany bracelet.

Today life is good !