Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Karma...please (you owe me!)


There is a Forbidden Fruit
Of that you may be sure
It grows on many different trees
Something that you will want terribly bad
That always evades you. And you say
If I had that I would be fulfilled.
And you never know all the time
About the invisible Guardian Angel....
 Then some unlucky day all incidents
.....Co-ordinate into a perfect moment
You get what you want whatever it is
And are cast down into Eternal Torment.
I know what I am talking about.
                                         -Patrick Kavanagh

This is one of my favorite poems, by Patrick Kavanagh. The past two weeks have been mental beyond belief. The last blog I wrote was about our crowd funding initiative that we were about to launch with @LinkedFinance. I knew then that I was heading into a scary, scary time. Putting yourself out there ain't easy, even for an open book like me.But then so many other things started to happen as soon as I started the crowd funding, it felt like all the planets were aligning, opportunity, after opportunity, coming our way...could it really all be happening..

I'm writing this with less than three hours to go & we are just over 70% funded. My nerves are in shreds. I refer to the untitlled poem above, as I cannot help but feel what is going on in the poem, is happening to me in reverse . That if my funding comes it it will be the first step of a series of incidents that do indeed "co-ordinate into a perfect moment, that I will get what I want"...

There is such an exciting things happening in the next few weeks for us, I daren't utter it yet...but hey I promise to reveal all in due course...but first I need to hit that target & then maybe, just maybe I'll start to believe....in karma..

89% funded....two hours to go.

Wish me luck.


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